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This program is for you if...

  • You desire a life of freedom and purpose

  • You want to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level

  • You constantly prioritize others above yourself

  • You are debilitated by self-doubt, imposter syndrome and fear

  • You often numb your emotions with alcohol, substances or people.

  • You feel resentful towards people and situations of your past

  • You want to connect with like minded individuals on the same path of self improvement

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12-Week Group Program


What you will learn...

  • you will gain a deeper love for self

  • you will feel empowered to be YOU

  • tools to deal with repeating patterns and beliefs

  • adopt exercises to work through your emotions

  • connection with your purpose and power

  • the ability to limit shame and embrace fear

  • gain the skills to be adaptable, resilient and trusting in your decision making

  • and you will become embedded with who you are, at the core

What to Expect

Week 1-4

Welcome, Intentions & Current Beliefs

Narratives & Shame

Shifting Beliefs & Feeling to Heal

Goals & Self-Esteem

Week 5-8

Safe Haven & Integrating Knowledge

Taking Responsibility & Meeting Our Needs

Boundaries & Inner Child

Attachment & Detachment

Week 9-12

Letting Purpose Be Our Compass

Implementing Goals & Embracing Fear

Obstacles & Self-Sabotage

Meet and Greet Our Future Selves

Let's Walk This Journey Together

 This is a weekly, virtual program that is routed in group work, vulnerability and safety.

We will use cognitive behavioural techniques, spiritual practices and real-world knowledge that I have discovered through my own self discovery journey as well as my professional degrees & course completions.


Just like you,  I will also bring my most vulnerable self and share my own personal journey of how I went from lost & addicted to empowered & authentic

Your Investment

Weekly 60-90 Minute Group Virtual Class

Reflective Assignments Between Classes

500$ One Time payment for 12-Weeks

($1500.00 Value)

Get in Touch

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