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relationship advice i would have given you three years ago

never fall asleep with unresolved conflict. instead, let it keep you awake. overthink while you study the ceiling until you find yourself guilty. and tomorrow, when you're asked about the grey under your eyes, make sure you tell them the moon bled on you.

give everything you have. give your time and your apologies and the shirt off your back until all you have is your own body, and then give that, too.

write your feelings out. and then eat your words until they become a pit in your stomach. neglect them. let them overflow out of your mouth like a tsunami of sentences that can't be taken back.

make sure you turn down your brightness to appeal to their eyes. cut your goals in half, along with your calories but don't cut your hair. long hair is sexy.

when you notice your house is on fire, lock yourself inside. convince yourself that the heat is good for you, and that you aren't uncomfortable at all. go down in flames.

when you need something, don't ask for it. instead, give your breath to someone else to breathe. it's okay for you to suffocate.

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