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my body is 60% water so the other 40% consists of…

noah kahan lyrics / words unsaid / bike directions to my childhood best friend's home / delusions / hope in the hopeless / what will you do with that degree? | existential dread / conversations my mom and i had in heavy traffic / advice people think i need / tarot card meanings / birthdays of people i wish i could forget / things i should work through with my therapist but can't spit out / notes app text drafts / thoughts i wake up wanting to tell him / what if / the first chapter of my favorite book / recipes I would only fail at / clothing i can't afford / outfit ideas that wouldn't be 'flattering' / gilmore girls season three episode nine / the worst things people have said to me / regret / the things i said to my mom that were misdirected / poems i read that leave me gutted / college essay topics / healthline's ten natural remedies for anxiety / plane crashes / my first sip of alcohol / bible verses i had to memorize / the time someone told me my writing told the story of their soul/ being the little girl the teacher sits the problem boy next to / and i can fix him mentality / the adrenaline i get from buying concert tickets / the time i saw glorious sons sing pink motel live and cried / things i memorized about my friends because i wanted them to feel important / everyone's starbucks order / my last sip of alcohol / nursing practice questions / feelings of inadequacy

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