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About Felisha

It’s only fair you get to know about me before we embark on this transformational journey together.


My educational background is diverse in that I graduated from Nursing and then later in Criminal Psychology. I have obtained a Trauma certification and Addiction certification from Wilfred Laurier University. I have a certification in Harm Reduction which allows my range in recovery coaching to go beyond abstinence based work. This allows for you to set the goals and intensity of your recovery work.

But if I have learned anything, on my own path is that I am a student of life. I have had a multitude of transformational moments in my life. I am a person in recovery from alcohol and substance use, but I also am in recovery for extensive trauma’s including domestic violence and sexual/physical assault. 


In the early days of my substance use recovery, I replaced substances with anything and anyone that could act as a barrier between me and my emotions. This led me head first, into codependency.


Although I stopped the substance itself, my behaviours continued. Anything to distract me from the emotions inside, I needed. Furthermore, I actually did more damage to myself, sober than I did in active addiction. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin, that it was almost unbearable. 

Until, I chose transformation. I chose to dig in to those wounds that kept me so sick. I chose ME. I made the decision to not allow my experiences to embody my identity. 


I spent a lot of time doing the inside work so that I could learn the value of my voice again. I reclaimed my power in this world and chose to live with love and using my experiences as the guide to freedom. 


I found a way to be free from my demons without shame, guilt or hiding that chapter away as if I never lived it. There is no growth in concealing the truth, but creating a narrative for me, that allowed my pain to empower me, now, THAT is where the transformation began. 


I have a magnetic pull to help others with similar situations; to guide you home, to the soul and stay there with an #authenticity that is unmatched. 


I am consistently learning new techniques and practices that embody healing in a way that feels natural and honours the human experience for what it is. 

Ready to start your journey?

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